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Teaches Aerial Yoga


Anaïs discovered the acrobatic arts in 2012 during circus workshops in Spain. Curiosity piqued, she continued the adventure in Lyon where she learned pole dancing and the aerial hoop.

She will then go so far as to take her bar to Georgia to continue practicing in this distant country!


Back, it is at Aerial Dance Geneva that she has been practicing her favorite aerial sports for five years, taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of the studio's teachers.


As a language teacher on a daily basis, it is quite natural that the idea of sharing her passion germinates in her mind, until it becomes obvious. 


In 2019, she decided to follow the AeroYoga certifying training in person. This is how she acquired all the fundamentals to share and transmit her passion for aerial yoga.


It is in the air that she proposes to take you to become aware of your body!


Anaïs will be able to guide and accompany you gently for moments combining relaxation, muscle strengthening, flexibility and of course acrobatics!


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