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Teaches Pilates


Movement has always been an integral part of Eleonora's life. She was in turn passionate about artistic gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, dance...

Holder of a master's degree in science, she started her career in the oil field, while training in parallel in oriental dance and Pilates, and starting to give her first lessons in 2013.

Following sports injuries and health problems due to her numerous professional trips, she adopted a strict lifestyle, which led her to take an interest in nutrition, to reconnect with Yoga and to carry out research on the Ayurveda. Six months later, she realizes that her work is incompatible with her new way of life and decides to change careers.

She opened her first group dance lessons and then began to train in nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine at the Esclarmonde school in 2016. She opened her practice once she graduated, before continuing her training with Namaha Institute, under the supervision of Célina Hwang, through the teacher training of Pilates Matwork and Studio Return To Life Teacher Training. She started teaching Pilates in 2020.


Eleonora is also the co-founder of the Akhtar association, which aims to promote and democratize the performing arts in the Romandie region.

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