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Assistant Manager

Angelika spent her childhood practicing artistic gymnastics and dancing. Then she turned to horse riding, another sporting world that still fascinates her today.


Currently a student in marketing and communication, she discovered the Studio and Pole Dance and this is how a passion for Hammock and Pole was born. 

She decides to get more involved in the life of the studio by participating in the various administrative tasks, in addition to the courses she follows and her professional activity.



Assistant Manager

Camille discovered dancing and climbing very early. This is what built his life force during his childhood. In December 2018, she decided to try the aerial hoop. It reminded her of her fascination with circus acrobatic acts and she thought...why not her! She needed to find the sensations she had when she danced and climbed. For more than a year, she has been flourishing in her bubble of happiness, and can no longer live without it. 

She decides to get involved with the Aerial Dance team and students for administrative support in addition to the courses she is taking and her professional activity.

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